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Knee-high socks

Knee-high socks

For over 27 years we have been building relationships with clients ...

We started our adventure with sewing sports socks in 1993. This is the best proof that we know all about the business. The second aspect and probably even more important is that thousands of people around the world play sport in our socks. And new orders are still coming to us.

…who trusted us in over 20 countries.

We have prepared original knee-high football socks for the EURO tournament in Poland and Ukraine.
That is how many pairs of knee-high socks we can produce within a week.
In terms of as many health parameters, our products are tested.


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tel.: +48 33 845 24 99 Dział Handlowy wew. 21, 22


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tel.: +48 33 432 27 32

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